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Z200132.9 + 33.29 m²      min. 22.3 x 26 m
Z21685.1 m²      min. 18 x 15.1 m
Z272197.2 + 33.18 m²      min. 23.2 x 19.6 m
Zx49129.2 + 30.28 m²      min. 21.7 x 24.3 m
Zx54139.3 + 36.48 m²      min. 22.3 x 19 m

About us

Great challenges begin with an idea... 
The idea which becomes a path of development and evolution.


Z500 is the architecture company headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. Our rich offer includes architectural plans of: houses, residences, housing estates, service buildings, garages, gardens and many more... as well as complex services in the field of adaptation, construction and finansing the investement. Today, we would like to invite you to cooperation and wish every success with your business. 

Because together we can do much more!